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100 Printable Disability Positive Affirmation Cards | Digital download

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These 100 printable affirmation cards are reminders that you are more than your disability. I have autism and I know how it feels to be viewed and treated differently. Most of all, I know how much I've suffered under my own self-prejudice and self-hate.


It takes a lot of work to replace the negative perceptions we've been fed by people all our lives. These cards are mindset changes and finally, a source of positive perceptions you can feed your brain instead. Now, I notice that the negative thoughts are just negative thoughts and replace them with a positive compassionate message that serves me.


I hope these help you as much as they've helped me. These affirmation cards cover are inclusive all

disabilities, the ones you can see and ones you can't.


Thank you x

You will get a PDF (43MB) file