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52 Printable ADHD affirmations Cards

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It is very hard to have a disability. Moreover, it is very hard to be disabled in the eyes of people and sometimes even ourselves. The self-inflicted criticisms, comparisons, and put-downs, because we do not have a safe, loving, and compassionate space for us to exist alongside our disability. this is especially true if you are late diagnosed and also have CPTSD.

If you want to unmask, be yourself, or start your personal development journey, you have to change a lot of the perceptions about our disability as it relates to our worth in this world. It is a very hard journey

I have Autism and ADHD, and on my self-improvement journey, these affirmations have provided me with positive messages about my identity, disability, strengths, and unwavering self-worth. Finally! a source of positive perceptions you can feed your brain instead. Now, I notice that the negative thoughts are just negative thoughts and replace them with positive compassionate messages that serve you.

Enjoy! Thank you x

You will get a PDF (18MB) file